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This ambitious trophy by silversmiths John Mortimer & John Hunt was awarded to the winner of the Royal Yacht Squadron’s 1842 regatta, Francis Nathaniel Conyngham, the 3rd Marquis of Conyngham (1797–1876).

In 1835 Conyngham, became Lord Chamberlain, and so was the first to inform Victoria that she had become Queen. The diarist Charlotte Williams-Wynn recorded the scene, apparently after buffing up her Shakespeare…

“They knocked, they rang, they thumped for a considerable time before they could rouse the porter at the gate; they were again kept waiting in the courtyard, then turned into one of the lower rooms where they seemed forgotten by everybody…”

“They then said they were come on business of State to the Queen, and even her sleep must give way to that. It did not prove that she did keep them waiting…”

“…for in a few minutes she came into the room in a loose white nightgown and shawl, her nightcap thrown off, her hair falling down upon her shoulders, her feet in slippers, and tears in her eyes, but perfectly collected and dignified.”