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The figural scene on the front of this Sèvres vase was based on the painting Les Grâces by Carle Vanloo (1705-1765), executed circa 1763, now in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Created in 1780, the shape was produced in two sizes, this being an example of the first and largest. These vases were often sold as garnitures, consisting of a single larger and a pair of smaller examples.

The vase was the central piece in a garniture which first came on the market at Christie’s, London in 1874 from the Sèvres collection of William Goding.

Other examples of this shape include a garniture in the Huntington Library Art Museum, a pair in the British Museum, a pair in the Musée Carnavalet and a single example in the Walters Art Museum.

Three drawings of the shape are preserved in the Sèvres factory archives as well as a plaster model.