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Important “Punto ’83” table in stainless steel with mesh tabletop.

“Punto ’83” was created for Milan’s Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica as part of the exhibition “I Plurimi di Gabriella Crespi” introduced by Vanni Scheiwiller.

As stated by Gabriella Crespi in her book “Gabriella Crespi, Il Segno E Lo Sprito”, “Only one specimen exists, but it is an object that sums up all of Gabriella Crespi’s earlier experiences. It presents a structure divided into petals of stainless steel mesh and is fitted with a pump lift that allows it to be used at different heights.”

As Gabriella crespi states in her book “Gabriella Crespi, Il Segno E Lo Sprito”, “Locking spines allow the surfaces to adopt different geometric shapes. It is an example of technology applied to the functionality and dynamics of the object: the summation and grand finale of the path followed by the “Plurimi,” which play a central role in the poetics of Gabriella Crespi.”

This piece is an architectural tour de force and the most important table Crespi designed.