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The mastery of Edward Farrell’s work can be fully appreciated in the theatrical structure of this kettle’s design – such to be expected from one of the most highly regarded silversmiths of the Georgian and Regency era.

Applied with scenes inspired by the Dutch tradition of genre painting, whereby jolly peasants are typically depicted revelling and feasting with music and dance. Farrell finely illustrates figures eating and drinking outside a country inn while a group of drunken revellers contend for a jug of wine.

The spout, shaped as a mask of Poseidon, not only indicated the functional aspect of this kettle as a liquid container, but allowed Farrell the opportunity to further embellish this magnificently sculptural piece.

The alternate side depicts a mischievous fox scampering away with a succulent goose clutched between its jaws – possibly a stolen prize taken in the midst of all the merriment in the other scene.

The hinged cover is surmounted by a rich triumph of exotic fruit and foliage in the form of cocoa beans, pomegranates, berries, and even tobacco leaves, giving some indication as to the wealth and conviviality of the patron.