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“Dance of the Fauves,” created circa 1970 by father & son artists Philip & Kelvin LaVerne, is a celebratory piece – an ode to the Fauvist artists of France in the earliest part of the 20th century.

While the table as a whole appears brutalist in style, there are many details which capture the spirit of Fauvism, which favors bright colors and bold gestures.

The five lower panels, each with crude relief shapes welded to their faces, are also splashed with color enamel.

The irregularly shaped base is a sculptural form unto itself, as it gently arches to allow space for the concealed casters, while almost touching the floor at either end.

The expressive blue top is poly-chromed wood with an asymmetrical footprint. It hangs over an architectural base of patinated and enameled bronze forms.