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The remarkably detailed and almost surreal quality of the composition, striking facial rendering, and patina of the aged paint surface give this painting a truly unique aesthetic. Likely the work of a student, this composition was executed in pencil on board, and colored in a distinctive but limited palette of black, gray, white and umber

The male teacher is depicted seated wearing a checked suit, with a white handkerchief poking out of his coat pocket, on an armchair reading a large book held in his hands leaning on the top of a table with stacked books, a writing slate, open text book, a paper with pen, and a drawing of a horse and bird dangling from the side

Great attention was lavished on the details of this school room, from its architectural features and furnishings of the school room, including: the two nine-pane windows, the raised panel door with porcelain knob, framed pictures hanging on the wall, and geometric and floral patterned floor covering, and furniture.School rooms are a rare subject in American folk painting.

The teenage female student wearing an intricately patterned dress and black boots, seated at a small table with her hands crossed with one leaning on a closed book, and the other holding a paper.