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Moonstones are typically cut en cabochon, but they can also be cut into interesting shapes. This is a difficult process requiring great skill because of the nature of the stone. That the moonstones in this bracelet are so exquisitely carved demonstrates remarkable craftsmanship.

These moonstone intaglio portraits were carved by expert gem carver Beth Benton Sutherland. She began collaborating with jewelry designer Izabel Coles in the 1930s, with Coles making jeweled frames for Sutherland’s intaglio portraits.

Connecticut Senator William Benton and Beth Benton Sutherland were cousins. He commissioned this piece as a gift to his wife, featuring portraits of himself and his four children (Charles, John, Helen, and Louise).

Sutherland was particularly known for her skill in capturing the countenances of children and her carved portraits were highly coveted.