Tiffany & Co
The “Terrapin Vase”, 1893 Columbian Exposition Mixed Metal Sterling Silver Vase, designed by John T. Curran
c. 1893
Silver and copper

With turtles, or terrapins, climbing up the entire surface of the vase, this unique masterpiece was made by Tiffany & Co. to display at the 1893 World’s Fair, The Columbian Exposition of Chicago. Tiffany & Co. created their very best pieces for world’s fairs, including the Magnolia Vase and Viking Bowl, both made for the 1893 fair and now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection. Entirely handmade, the vase features deep chased repoussé relief. Each terrapin’s neck is enhanced with inlaid copper lines. The result is a wonderful work of art that delighted the nature-loving attendees of the fair.


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