Kondō Takahiro
“Black and White Drop” Monolith, 2005-06
Glazed porcelain with “silver mist” overglaze with black glass top
and separate acrylic stand
31 1/4 x 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 in.
Box title: Shiro-kuro-teki; white and black mist, Gin-teki-sai
Box signature: Taka
Box seal: Taka

Kondō Takahiro is celebrated for his “silver mist” (gintekisai) overglaze that creates a remarkable effect on the surface of his glazed porcelain vessels and sculptures of droplets beading as condensation. Born in Kyoto to a family of respected sometsuke (cobalt blue-and-white porcelain) masters, Kondō took on the challenging family tradition of porcelain but quickly developed his own style through tireless experimentation. His signature and patented “silver mist” overglaze – an amalgam of silver, gold, platinum, and glass frit – was achieved directly as a result of his drive to continually evolve and challenge himself. Kondō’s principal theme for many years has been water – not only its physical forms, such as rain, ice, steam, and mist, but also its conceptual aspects as a source of life, purifier, and natural resource.

The zigzag geometric patterned vertical monolithic sculpture was exhibited in “Shinra Bansho (All Things in Nature)” at Tenmaya Gallery in Okayama, Hiroshima, and Fukuyama in 2006. The black color is the Kondō family’s natural asbolite (gosu). The artist has commented to us this sculpture: “I still love this one.”

Published: Te no shisō /Thoughts of Hands. Kyoto: Kahitsukan, Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, 2017, pp. 28-35.


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